No Middle Men


Who owns all the domains on your site?

We do. The domains do not belong to anyone else. When you speak to us regarding one of our names. You are dealing direct with the owners. There is no middle men when contacting us through this site.



Domain Value


Why are certain domain names more valuable than others?

All domain names are unique however for a domain to have more value over another, it will have a number contributing factors including markerting potential, brandability, the industry it relates to, similar domain sales and established traffic, just to name a few. Generally speaking they are short, brandable, easy to remember and very descriptive of the product or service.


Why is the domain we want so expensive when GoDaddy is selling them for $10 ?

As stated previously domains are unique and high quality domains are in demand by several interested parties which in turn drives up prices.


Why are Virtual Reality domains exploding in value right now?

The Virtual Reality market is growing at an unprecedented rate worldwide. This is not a fad, this is not hype which will eventually fizzle out, this is the real deal. Some of the biggest companies on the planet have all jumped into the VR space. VR is the next computing platform. Yes we might be a couple of years out from having great VR games, apps and hardware, but like other distruptive technologies that have come before it... Laptops, the Internet, Mobiles, will take some time to ramp up but eventually will have a profound affect on all industries.

Virtual Reality domains have a naming convention. VR usually prefixes or suffixes the keyword in the domain. For example or Dot Com of course is the best extension you can get. So what does this all mean for the domain's value? Incredibly huge demand for a very limited supply of ultra premium domain names sends values soaring.

Does this mean if we purchase a VR domain now, there's a great chance the domain will be worth more in the coming years. Yes, that's exactly right. VR is still in it's infancy and quality VR names are appreciating in value at an incredible rate. It's entirely possible for you to purchase a premium domain today and have it's value substantially increase as the VR market rapidly evolves.



Domain Purchase


What is the process to purchase a domain from you?

If a domain is listed on our site as Make Offer. You will need to make an offer and have it accepted by us. You can submit an offer via our site and we will get back to you within a 1 business day. If your offer is accepted, we will contact you via email or phone to confirm the next steps. If a domain is listed with a specific marketplace Buy Now button, you can secure the name straight away and not only will you received support from the marketplace where it's listed but from us too.


We're a startup, we want the domain but can't afford it. Is there another option?

Well there could be, you need to talk to us. If the domain you want has a fixed price already set, we might be able to break the purchase price down to 12 monthly payments.


We want to remain anonymous, can we request the sale is not reported publicly?

Absolutely. Lucid Domains understands the need for discretion. Some companies may be happy for the sale to be reported as there may be a slight traffic boost once annouced. Others may wish to stay anonymous which of course, we totally respect. Whether the sale is reported publicly or not, all information you submit to us are 100% secure.


Just to be clear, the domain purchase price is a one time fee?

That's absolutely correct. A one off purchase and the domain is yours to do what ever you want with. You may decide to keep it as investment or develop it out for a project or business idea.



After Sales Support


What support do you provide? 

We understand some of our customers arn't tech savvy. They know what a domain is but lack knowledge setting it up correctly. We will provide support to get your domain up and running although we cannot help with you with any specific website related issues.