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The User of this Website ("the buyer")

1.1 You verify that your are at least 18 years old.

1.2 Any information you submit to us is accurate and true.

1.3 You acknowledge that a domain is considered a digital asset and not a physical product. There are no domain "certificates" with your purchase.

1.4 We strongly advise that all buyers conduct a due dilligence investigation to determine whether or not there are any legal risks connected to the purchase and/or use of their desired domain name(s).

1.5 In negotiating the purchase of and/or purchasing any domain name(s), each buyer assumes all risk of liability, including with respect to trademark infringement, concerning all such domain name(s).


Renewals and/or Transfers

2.1 You acknowledge that when you purchase a domain from us and it is transferred to your account, you may still need to renew that domain with your registrar. Failure to do so would mean the domain may expire.

2.2 You acknowledge that you may or may not receive an extra years extension with your domain purchase.



4.1 You acknowledge there are no warranties with your purchase.


This Website

5.1 You acknowledge that this site can not be reproduced without prior written consent provided directly by the Company.


Exclusion of Liability

6.1 The Company takes no responsibility for any domain(s) after they have been transferred to the purchaser's designated registrar account.

6.2 The Company does make every attempt to keep this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, however you understand we do not guarantee its accuracy.

6.3 You acknowledge that the Company accepts no liabilty whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred from the use of this website.

6.4 You acknowledge that the Company accepts no liabilty whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred from our use of any third party websites at the request of the purchaser.

6.5 You acknowledge that the Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

6.6 The Company is not aware of any third party that may own trademark or other rights in, related to or similar to any domain name or domain names available for purchase on this site. We are not aware of the existence of any registered or common law trademark that may be identical, related or confusingly similar to any of the domain names. We have made no investigation as to whether any domain name infringes any such third party rights and make no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the same.


Trademark Infringement

7.1 Any person who believes that such person owns or controls any trademark or other rights in, related to or similar to any of the domains on this website should immediately inform us of the same so that we can act appropriately.


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